Check out the boys making appearances in Nuulife’s new teaser, looks hype! 

Dales part from last season! Check it out. 



My main man Dale just dropped this.

These stunt actions are real!

My action reel!

Mount Seymour opens tomorrow! See ya’ll there! 

Fancy tweaked grabber thing through the fog and stuff. 

Mount Seymour opens tomorrow! See ya’ll there!


Fancy tweaked grabber thing through the fog and stuff. 

Here it is! The video we spent most of this past year working on. Thanks to all those 200+ people who came out for the first watch at our premiere on the 24th. As for the rest of you who couldn’t make it, enjoy!


We are part of a very HUGE contest. We created a new remix of footy for it that you can check out on the SDP CHOSEN page. We would really appreciate as much support as we can get in views, likes and shares. Tell everyone! Many Thanks

Jordan, Fork and Dale meet up at the mall to skate the indoor on a balmy November afternoon while Ben rips sick lines at home.

The first week out at Rabbit Hill has been an interesting one. We had some crazy weather patterns ranging from bitter -30 to rainy days well above zero. The streets aren’t quite rideable around here yet so we’re lucky to have one of the sickest temp park setups yet!

Derrick and Craig were discussing some important business when a sideways sliding man cuts them off. He looks up just in time to shout out a word of warning, saving the two valley hikers from breaking the law.

It snowed a bit a few days ago but this is the first decent snowfall we’ve received so far in Edmonton! Dale and I went out into the ravine across the street to try and do some boarding and stumbled upon this fun spot. 

Filmed with an iPhone and 8mm app.

The Thief 

Starring Steve Schneider of Sherwood Park

B-roll from the Nuulife Video, featuring Dale, Dylan, Dan and Connor!

Here is a video that we made for a music video contest. The song is Exile Vilify by The National. Enjoy!

We put together this edit, recapping much of our season here in Edmonton, for King Snow to play at the Village Lounge in whistler last week during the festival. It was fun and we got some free beers and some high fives so what is better than that right?! Anyways, this season was the best that we’ve had and the filmer/snowboarder/photographer combo that the two of us had worked great, except for the most part of the year it was difficult to pull bungee with a two person crew, but we managed to still get er done. If you don’t get it, this video kind of makes fun of snowboarding and how difficult it is, inspired by a rough 2 months of -45 degree temperatures, and hauling around winches and bungees. Sometimes you just wanna let the hair flow and rip down your street doing some power slides like the freedom you get skateboarding. May be a lot of work, but definitely worth losing the feeling in both your big toes some times. A lot more bangers went down, especially from Dylan and Craig, that you MUST check out in this years Nuulife video. (It is going to be off of the chain I tell you.) Anyways thank you all for such a great season and for doing cool tricks and for watching our videos! Please keep in mind that whenever you don’t danish… you should have…
Keep an eye out for our first skate edit starring Josh and Stefen from Kelowna, laying down some back to back tricks at the Ben Lee skatepark. SDP skating begins!

James Agostinho at the Bunny Knoll. The last day of the season…

We had to have the fire going on the deck during this end-of-march competition. Solid year at Rabbit Hill though. Wish that we could be shreddin’ it still!